Adoption is a significant decision. While it creates certain challenges, it can help birth parents find peace of mind in knowing their children are taken care of.

Considering Adoption?

As the birth mother, you are in control. You may have heard several things about adoption, including negative stereotypes. Perhaps friends or family have told you adoption is “giving up” a child, or you’ve felt this decision would be too difficult. While adoption can be an emotional journey, it can also be very rewarding.

You select the plan that works best for you and the adoptive parents. The three adoption plans are the following:

Open Adoption

With an open adoption, you establish a relationship with the child and adoptive parents. Communication occurs through regular visits, letters, phone calls, or emails, and you play an active role in the child’s life. This plan offers the most flexibility and contact.

Semi-Open Adoption

A semi-open adoption allows for communication with the child and adoptive family, but all communication occurs through a third party like an adoption agency or attorney.

Closed Adoption

Closed adoptions allow the most privacy. With this plan, you will not know the adoptive family’s identity, nor will you communicate with them. Your identifying records are sealed, and you remain anonymous. Women may choose this option depending on their life circumstances and need for confidentiality.

Making Your Adoption Decision

First, know that you should never be pressured to make a certain pregnancy decision. Choosing adoption takes careful planning and consideration, but it’s your choice. Moreover, as the birth mother, you will never pay for adoption-related services. You may even have access to material and financial support.

Pregnancy Help Center does not profit from any pregnancy decision. We are here to educate you on your pregnancy options and provide free, confidential information. If you select adoption, we offer referrals to reputable adoption agencies.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn whether adoption could be right for you.

The Zoe Difference

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